I can remember aged eight coming home and finding my younger brother in my bedroom carefully picking up and turning over the various objects he found on my shelves, making his way across my bedroom. While always delighted to see him I did ask what he was doing in my room. “I came for a browse” was always the reply.

Remembering this I realised that I probably started my collection and fascination with interior design from about the age of four. I loved picking up interesting things from jumble sales, markets and junk shops. As a child I had part of a turtle shell, some crystal animals, a brass rabbit and a collection of ancient thimbles all artfully arranged on a mirrored cake stand in my room.

This love for home, objects and design has stayed with me all my life and with the Intrepid Hound I will try to convey my joy for these things. It is both a design and lifestyle blog.

My home fills me with happiness. I love going from room to room, browsing around it and often choosing a different place to sit and do my emails, read a book or drink a coffee. Your home reflects your life, your style and your interests so I think it makes sense to spend a little time making  it feel like you.

With the Intrepid Hound I will bring my observations and appreciation for the fabulous and quirky designs of house, interiors, general life and motherhood.

My name is Oonagh Roy and I live in Muswell Hill, North London. I am embarking on a new chapter of my life that is going to be spent doing things that make me happy. I have considered a number of career moves, from establishing a boutique funeral business entitled ‘Toodle Pips’ to writing a book on a transgender old people’s home or setting up an interior design business specialising in mounting faux Baboon arses above the mantlepieces of discerning clients. I may have a crack at all three.

I have spent the past seven years at home looking after my three, small delicious children. I can no longer pee without an audience and I regularly awaken to find lego wedged in unlikely places. I have written a number of articles on the perils of parenting, archived on site.

Before that I worked as a financial journalist on trade magazines covering capital markets in Eastern Europe and then Asia Pacific. I flew around the world interviewing Presidents, finance ministers, central bank governors and bankers.

The plan now is to garner an avid, vocal and extensive base of influential readers for the intrepid hound and to move around from home to home advising on how to create interiors that make you happy.


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