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Sexing rat traps


I know that the classic song talks about ten green bottles. I actually discovered 12 green bottles in my basement, but I prefer odd numbers of three, five or seven for the purposes of display. The keener observers of my kitchen floral display may note that there are six green bottles in the photo. That is because my Sainsburys’ sunflowers have such fat stems I could only fit two into the aforementioned, rather copiously, green bottles. Of which I have a number but have, in this instance, utilised six. Good.


Onto rats. We spotted one in the house the other day and, after various shenanigans, managed to trap and remove the blighter. It put me to thinking of ways to sex up rat traps. (I’ve been ill recently and not got out) I wondered if there was scope for making the trap base resemble a surf board or some of of sun lounger. Just to give the rat’s final resting spot a degree of levity. On balance I think I just need to cease all thoughts on sexing rat traps. Amen.

In response to overwhelming reader interest I add one, for now, clarification re the green bottles. Two of the six carry Sainsburys sunflowers. The remaining four hold Waitrose’s skinnier versions. Hence the total of six. Although, as mentioned earlier, in an ideal world it would be seven. Could have done three or five but seemed a waste of flowers.


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