Very pleasing dimples


I write this with my arse delightfully parked upon a splenderous thing. My very own garden sofa. It is a joy. My daughter and I sit together and read on it. I have had a little wine tete-a-tete aboard it and even a crafty afternoon kip.
I love that it sits so perfectly alongside my Ikea chairs and side tables, all items resplendant in plastic with drainage holes for rain, and crucially nustles alongside my outdoor fireplace. It also has very pleasing dimples, that cleverly echo a Chesterfield sofa.
Although garden furniture offerings remain, for the most part, pathetically staid and boring, a few retailers are upping their game. I guess it’s a natural result of us poncy middle classes wanking lyrically about turing the garden into an outdoor living EXPERIENCE. Whatever the reason I welcome it.
As with squishy indoor sofas the price points of the outdoor version can vary dramatically. I managed to negotiate a big discount on mine becuase I bought it in January at a trade sale and, as a sample, had to wait until it finished it’s globetrot around Europe. Joyfully it, and some welcome sunshine, arrived last week.

Habitat are selling some very cute outdoor sofas, and are offering 30% off outdoor furniture at the moment.Minaji comes in black and orange, £275.
Black 2 seater garden bench, £275.00

For curves try Kartell Bubble Club Sofa, £613.00,

John lewis, Resol Bob sofa, £600,

Plastic Fantastic, POA,

The very first outdoor sofa that I fell in love with is this concrete Chesterfield by Steve Jones. It is an exact replica of the original squishy leather version, down to creases in the cushions and a 50p coin partly stuffed down the back. Magical. I did get as far as asking how much one was years ago and I recall it was around £1500. Needless to say it remains on my wishlist. For up-to-date pricing contact the guys at


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  1. loulou the loulou

    When can we expect a missive about the firemen and their hoses? x


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