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Deadheading geraniums, the new rock ‘n’ roll


As the funksters next door rocked back from their marathon Hackney clubbing session, at about 4pm one Sunday afternoon, they caught me in the act of attending to my window boxes. “Just deadheading the geraniums” I chirruped like a classic middle-class tosser. “It seems the sex, drugs and rock n roll years are far behind me,” I continued unnecessarily.
Funkster DJ was kind enough to listen politely to my eulogy on the joys of a decent geranium, their longevity, ability to flower profusely and general bang for buck. I like to think the whippersnapper actually learnt something in our brief exchange. Even if it was how quickly childbirth seems to age a woman.
Anyway back to window boxes. For me they brighten your entrance and welcome guests into your home.
I have chosen some bright orange Habitat planters for outside our house. They seem to blend beautifully with the Jaffa hues of my Victorian pathway and indeed bring out the warmth of my gravel. Clever little buggers. I planted them out with correspondingly happily-hued orange primulas and I have to say that they lift my spirits.

At our old house I had taken the plunge and painted the outside window frames and details black. I then bought six revolting polka-dot lime green cup and saucer plant holders from BHS and painted them out in the same Farrow and Ball Pitch Black.

I liked the sort of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ connotations of these cups of geranium. Unfortunately so did the playful little scrappers of Archway and over the course of six months most of my planters were nicked. I would love to say that this crime uncovered an inert but innate design consciousness amongst the local crime fraternity, Sadly I think it was just Archway kids nicking stuff from poncy North Londoners.
Having had the majority of my window box stash stolen I resorted to cheeful red designs from Ikea. I planted red geraniums and come Christmas I adorned these boxes with red stars from Ikea.

Here are some other window boxes to inspire you.

window-planter-box-pretty westvillage-newyorkcity-tulips-ivy-windowbox-brownstone ceee520eaa864e6944fee6318c95c823 888246721_2bff524f1d_z

Planters on the market now.

Anthroppolgie, Kerio Window Pot, £18-£28,


Graham and Green, rabbit planter, £50,


Rockett St George, Concrete Brogue Shoes Plant Pots, £44,


Ikea planter, £4,


Habitat, Rhode planter, £20,

Small pink fibreglass window box plante£20.00


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