Intrepid- we research effective draught excluders, so that you don’t have to

This is an accurate rendition of an exchange that I had with my builder a couple of months ago. Him: ‘Can I have a look at your damp patch.” Me: ‘Only if you show me your hairy draught excluder.’ Kill me now. It transpires a hairy draught excluder, while not particularly a looker, is highly practical and effective at keeping the cold drafts out. And in answer to the throngs that have been clamouring for a post on draught stoppers, here it is. As part of my research I found myself perusing the labyrinth of door-based accoutrements that is– the draught excluder people. It’s niche, but if you are in the market for a tubular, often sand-filled, object to jam in the bottom crack of your doors, this is a pretty good starting point. Your classic hound shaped excluder- Intrepid obviously approves. wp59859458_05_06 Barkley Basset Dog Draught Excluder, £29.99, (above) acanthus-draught-excluder William Morris Acanthus Draught Excluder, £39.95, www.draught-excluders.comburgandy-lime-draught-excluder Sivas Tribal Weave Burgandy/Lime Draught Excluder, £29.95, www.draught-excluders.com0000611_sausage-dog-lavender-draught-excluder-black-white-polka-dot_large 0000287_sausage-dog-lavender-draught-excluder-denim-ivory-stripe_large, SCENTED DACHSHUND DRAUGHT EXCLUDER in Polka Dot, and one in stripes, both By CATHERINE TOUGH, £68.00 p_draught-metropol_1561178i TRAIN DRAUGHT EXCLUDER Price £35 John Lewis, 0845 604 9049, il_570xN.611520668_383u Etsy, AmyMacleanHandmade, The Little Sleeping Fox Felt Draught Excluder, (love an anxious looking animal draught excluder), $58.69 normal_bamburgh-draught-excluder Not on the High Street, Bamburgh Draught Excluder by PINS AND RIBBONS, £36, luxurious-supersoft-fur-draught-excluder-wolf-h-drawlf Cox & Cox, Luxurious Supersoft Faux Fur Draught Excluder- Wolf, £30,


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