What a great use of pink bits


A fandango of flamingos

Strangely, but happily, rather a lot of flamingos have made their way into my life recently.
I love these ballsy, shocking pink, slightly superior creatures. They look like the sort of birds that could deliver a dirty joke with aplomb.

My first flamingo appeared following an impulse buy in Brent Cross’s Paperchase. www.paperchase.co.uk
Despite her rather humble origins this little beauty currently provides a daily dose of glamour to the family at Grand Avenue. Her dazzling pink feathers and knowing look alleviate the daily grind of washing up and kitchen chores. Residing on the sill of the picture window in my kitchen, Lola’s pink bits delightfully pick out the hues of the winter heather and cyclamen in the garden behind. What a great use of pink bits.


The next avian arrival came in the form of a very generous and lovely present from Auntie C for my birthday. Auntie is actually a very clever career lady who recently helped orchestrate the purchase of the fantastic Australian tea firm, T2 for Unilever.

My very beautiful flamingo teapot and matching sugar pot, are one of several exquisite china sets produced by this ‘Jo Malone’ of the tea world. I love its grooves, gilt and colours, its modern, eccentric, ornate and luxurious look. See for yourself online at www.T2.com or in one of their beautiful shops on the Kings Road, White City Westfield and Shoreditch in London.


The final flamingo is flying in (it has got slightly lost en route) from one of the Intrepid Hound’s favourite retailers, the joy and delight that is House of Hackney. www.houseofhackney.com
It sometimes feels like these chaps have a direct line into my subconscious whereby they produce, before even I know it, the creations of my wildest, happiest and most design savvy dreams. House of Hackney and Christmas baubles- literally my cup of joy runneth well over.

This tinkly fandango of a flamingo will be taking pride of place on my Christmas tree this year and for many years to come.


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  1. Kate Peers

    Love you Intrepid Hound x

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