Slightly stoned Ms Havisham. My perfect house guest.

Rugs add yet another layer of interest to a home and different textures and patterns give depth to a room’s narrative. Warm under foot they instantly create a homely and welcoming atmosphere.

Right at the top of my Christmas list is an over-dyed, so-called distressed, vintage rug. I love these because they seem to immediately convey a sense of an ethereal, slightly stoned Ms Havisham. My perfect house guest.

These beauties are from

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For an ornate, rich look I also love a traditional Persian pile. I grew up with these in my childhood home and I can remember racing toy cars around the motorways of Malatya Kilim designs and parking in an Anatolian tuft. (It was a great childhood)

If your budget is limitless, or just for inspiration, the rug halls in Liberty’s are breathtaking and showcase some of the best rugs money can buy. Oriental Rug Buyer Bruce Lepere, travels in globe in his quest to source the finest rugs.

If you are on a more restricted budget a great place to find a decent Persian number is the auction houses. There are ABSOLUTE bargains to be had, but again it is always best to go in person and take a close up look and feel of anything you are thinking of buying. I don’t mind the odd hole or tear. To me it can even add to the charm of a rug, suggesting a life and history you know nothing about. Anyway with three small children it is only a matter of time, or even minutes, before further damage will be inflicted.

IMG_0347Because I do not feel I have to be too precious about these types of rugs I have put two in surprising and high tread areas of the house: the hallway and the kitchen. It seems very decadent but given I only paid £30 I don’t have to worry too much about the Persian rug’s mistreatment in the kitchen. I was trying to make it more of an elegant and less of a utilitarian room. I think that the remnants of bake beans and cornflakes on the rug definitely helps to achieve this.


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